A Levels – Sixth Form College

A Levels - Sixth Form College

There are over 80 A Levels available, and you will be able to choose from the courses offered at your college or sixth form. AS and A Levels prepare you for higher education and employment, and are useful whatever you plan to do afterwards.

You will study AS units in the first year and A2 units in the second year. If you choose to study a subject for one year and pass the AS units, you will receive an AS qualification. Some subjects cannot be studied at A Level without having studied it at GCSE.

Case Study A - Holy Cross College

Student A attended Siddal Moor from 2003 – 2008 and his career choice was to pursue a career as a doctor. For him to achieve his career goals he attended Holy Cross College in Bury to complete A Levels in Biology, Psychology, Chemistry and General Studies.

Once he had completed his A Levels he gained a degree in MBChB from the University of Liverpool. He has recently been appointed Junior Doctor at Whiston Hospital in Liverpool.

Case Study B - Holy Cross College

Student B attended Siddal Moor from 2003 – 2008 and was unsure of the career path he wanted to take. He decided to keep his career options open and complete his A Levels. After completing A Levels in PE, Maths, Biology and Chemistry at Holy Cross College he went on to study Sports Science at Bangor University. During his third year he received a 12 month scholarship to study at Central College Ohio in America. After receiving Sports Science BSC degree he is now working as a Sports Therapist at the Royal Free Hospital in London and is due to commence a Masters degree.

Making Your A Level Choices

  • 1.Always check university entrance requirements. Check and read information from different sources to ensure you are choosing the right A levels for your future career choice.
  • 2.Research which A Level subjects you need for your University or Higher Apprenticeship.Check university entrance requirements in case you need certain combinations.
  • 3.Check overlaps in case of entry requirements.Not all A levels require you to have taken the subject at GCSE level. E.g. Law, Sociology, Business, Philosophy, Government and Politics.
  • 4.Required GCSE's.Subjects you NEED to have studied at GCSE are: Maths, Sciences, and Languages.

Where are they now?

Follow the stories of some Siddal Moor students from past cohorts.

Find out what choices they made for their future learning and career paths and what they have achieved.

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Sixth Form Colleges

Holy Cross Sixth Form College

Holy Cross Sixth Form College
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Oldham Sixth Form College

Oldham 6th Form
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Rochdale Sixth Form College

Rochdale Sixth Form College
College Road
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St Anne's Academy Sixth Form

St Anne's Academy
Hollin Lane
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