Where are they now?

  • Victoria Gee

    Victoria Gee

    “I am an actor. I work in television and theatre and have worked in America, Canada and all over the UK.…

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  • Paige Asghar

    Paige Asghar

    Paige Asghar, a former student of Siddal Moor was delighted to achieve triple distinction stars in Health and Social Care (Health Sciences) Multi-Professional…

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  • Natalia Astley

    Natalia Astley

    “I am currently in professional training for musical theatre mainly dancing at the Midlands Academy of Dance and Drama. At the…

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  • Naomi Stevenson

    Naomi Stevenson

    “Since leaving Siddal Moor I have realised that teachers are not there just to help you with Maths, Science, and English…

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  • Melissa Robb

    Melissa Robb

    “I can’t thank the teachers enough for pushing me during my time at Siddal Moor. The guidance and encouragement I received…

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  • Lucy Jones

    Lucy Jones

    “Being a student at Siddal Moor I was given great support and guidance by all the teachers, I really couldn’t…

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  • Joel Miller

    Joel Miller

    Joel started playing volleyball in late 2002. He was soon playing for the older school teams in National cups. In 2003…

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  • Jessica Hogan

    Jessica Hogan

    “After leaving Siddal Moor I went on to Bury College to study Barbering. I completed the course adding this skill set…

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  • Leah Connally

    Leah Connally

    "In the short time I was a student at Siddal Moor I received lots of support in getting the grades…

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