CEIAG by year group

Year 7 - Aspirations and dreams

In Year 7 students begin to think about their futures, what they want and what they will do. This unit is about self-awareness in which they will start to look at the skill, attributes and qualities they have and how this will help when choosing the right career path for them.

Year 8 - What’s out there?

Students use their hobbies and interests to look at careers and job families. They will spend some time researching different career paths and looking at the local labour market. Students look at making well informed realistic decisions.

Year 9 - Making the right choices

Students set SMART targets for themselves. They look at what is involved in the different courses available at school at KS4 and what they might want to study post 16.


CASCAID Launchpad for Key Stage 3

Launchpad for Key Stage 3 is an innovative program that introduces students to their options and supports their subject choice and career path.

The online program provides students with a Functional Skills and PLTS profiling quiz which identifies personal skills and compares them to the skills they need to study GCSE subjects at Key Stage 4.

Discover more about subject options

Students can discover more about their subject options and identify how each subject supports career choice. Launchpad introduces over 400 careers, with essential information on each career plus engaging case studies, photographs and videos illustrating real-life work activities.


Log-on to Launchpad

KS3 Students - speak to a member of the CEIAG team or send an email via the contact form if you do not have log-in details.


CASCAID Kudos for Key Stage 4

New Kudos for Key Stage 4 is a new version of the UK’s most popular impartial careers guidance and information program that helps young people plan their future and make informed decisions.

New Kudos is ideal for 13-19 year olds.  It provides young people with a personalised experience which enables them to explore careers and learning pathways based on their interests and aspirations. They can get ideas of careers that they might like, explore their own career ideas, discover where their favourite subjects could take them and uncover a world of opportunities in different areas of work.

Using our unique, transparent analysis of their personal preferences, each young person will discover why some careers are better suited to them than others as well as developing a greater understanding of themselves and all of their future options.

With up-to-date information on hundreds of careers, New Kudos equips a young person with everything they need to know to make the best possible career decisions.

New Kudos is an inspirational careers tool that inspires young people with their future choices.

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KS 4 Students - speak to a member of the CEIAG team or send an email via the contact form if you do not have log-in details.


Year 10 - Getting Ready for Work, looking at the next steps.

Students will have a chance to look at post 16 pathways and how these might lead into highereducation. They complete mock interview application forms and write letters of application. They will also receive information on work experience.

Year 11 - AQA Level 1/2 Preparation for working life certificate 1.

All year 11 students will complete this course. It consists of coursework which involves writing a letter of application, C.V. and interview preparation.  There is also a one and a half hour exam!