Work Experience

Work Experience

Work experience is offered to all Year 10 students - although it is not compulsory - all students are encouraged to participate.

This opportunity enables students to sample a working environment, not necessarily in the career choice they may be considering. It is an important part of a student's education; giving them knowledge and information about the world of work, so it is worth making the most of this opportunity and preparing them as much as possible.

Information for students

Work Experience will help you find out more about the world of work and opportunities available to you.
Before the start of your work experience you must make contact with your employer (from approx. 4 weeks before the start of your placement).
DON’T PANIC, this is your opportunity to introduce yourself and to arrange a pre-visit if required and discuss any questions you might have.
Failure to make contact with your employer may result in the loss of the placement and there is no guarantee an alternative can be arranged!!
If you are having problems making contact please let your school work experience co-ordinator know as soon as possible.
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Information for parents

Work experience will provide your son/daughter an introduction to the world of work through undertaking a work placement on employer premises, carrying out tasks or duties in the role of an employee and learn valuable work skills such as punctuality, communication, commitment and team work.
Prior to work experience your son/daughter will receive the correct preparation regarding how to find their own placement, being interviewed, travel, arriving, working, lunchtime arrangements, health and safety etc.
Our Futures Ltd are working in partnership with your son/daughters School and in line with HSE guidelines we will check that employers have up to date Employers Liability Insurance at the time of the placement, brief them on work experience and best practice, and undertake health & safety appraisals where necessary to ensure the health, safety and welfare of students.
While on placement students should be monitored by a member of school staff so that they can check attendance and progress.
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